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      溶解漿采購政策(Fibre Procurement Policy)

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      XINXIANG CHEMICAL FIBRE CO.,LTD is committed to play a leadership role in the dissolving pulp & cellulosic fibre industry and will work with our dissolving pulp suppliers  in order to promote sustainable forest management and protect ancient and endangered forests.


      XINXIANG CHEMICAL FIBRE CO.,LTD  supports the production of cellulosic fibres & fabrics from wood fibre that is not sourced from ancient and endangered forests, such as not sourced from tropical rain forest in Indonesia and Northern Boreal Forests in Canada, etc., unless there is an authoritative conservation plans or FSC certification in the place.


      The following principles only apply to man-made cellulosic fibres, fabrics and textiles, including but not limited to rayon, viscose, lyocell and modal  This commitment applies to our own scope of operation and procurement practices.


      Scope of Commitment


      We will purchase only from raw material suppliers that are transparent, traceable and compliant with this policy.


      If suppliers violate these standards, we will first help them change their production behavior, and if we find that their fibers come from areas prohibited by policy, we will reassess whether to maintain cooperation with them.


      Conservation of Ancient & Endangered Forests and Intact Forest Landscapes:


      XINXIANG CHEMICAL FIBRE CO.,LTD will follow the principles of international forest management organizations to purchase dissolving pulp, such as Canopy will give us guidance.


      So,we will assess our existing use of wood pulp and fibre and ensure that we are not using the raw material sourced from ancient and endangered forests areas such as the Canadian and Russian Boreal Forests; Coastal Temperate Rainforests; tropical forests and peatlands of Indonesia, the Amazon and West Africa, or endangered species habitat.


      Recognizing, respecting and Supporting human rights and the rights of communities


      We will eliminate sourcing fibre from controversial sources including companies that are logging forests illegallyiii and from tree plantations established after 1994 through the conversion or simplification of natural forests.


      We hereby request that our suppliers respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and comply with indigenous and rural communities legal, customary or user rights to their territories, land, and resources. To do so, we require that our suppliers respect the right of Indigenous People and rural communities to give or withhold their Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) before new logging rights are allocated or tree plantations are developed, resolve complaints and conflicts, and remediate prior human rights violations through a transparent and accountable grievance mechanism and mutually agreeable dispute resolution process.


      Innovative and Alternative Fibre Development


      We will collaborate with our suppliers to explore and promote the development of fibre sources that reduce environmental and social impacts. Where appropriate, we will play an active role in the research and development and eventual adoption of commercial scale production of pulp and cellulosic fibre made from alternative fibre sources such as agricultural residuesv and recycled fibres.


      we have an interest in purchasing next generation products for our sales and business operations that contribute to the conservation and protection of  the worlds ancient and endangered forests.


      Advocacy for Conservation Solutions


      Working with our suppliers we will support collaborative and visionary system solutions and protect remaining ancient and endangered forests such as the Coastal Temperate Rainforests of Vancouver Island and Great Bear Rainforest, Canadas Boreal Forests,and Indonesias Rainforests.


      Forest Certification

      本公司將優先選擇獲得森林管理委員會認證的負責任管理的森林材料,其中包括優先選擇獲得FSC 認證的種植林。

      We will preference fibre sourced from forests that are responsibly managed forests, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification system including FSC- certified plantation forest.


      Transparency, Traceability and Verification


      We will work with stakeholders to develop third party verification systems of our operations and supply chain to achieve free certification of ancient & endangered forest by 2017.


      Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Footprint


      Recognizing the importance of forests and peatlands as carbon storehouses, we will support initiatives that advance forest conservation to reduce the loss of high carbon value forests, by encouraging vendors and suppliers to avoid harvesting in these areas, and by giving preference to those that use effective strategies to actively reduce their greenhouse gas footprint.


      Pollution Prevention


      Dissolving pulp and viscose manufacturing is a resource-intensive process that may be lead to air and water pollution that impact overall environmental quality. This policy does not solve these critical environmental issues, however, we will invest in and use the cleanest dissolving pulp and viscose manufacturing technology.




      We recognize the importance of spreading environmental protection awareness among our customers, employees and peers. As such, we will highlight our environmental protection concept on our website and in public communications.




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